Age group: 4 - 7 years

Jackie Nelson Doyle - Swim Teacher & Athlete

As your child leaves infancy, becomes a toddler and progresses into childhood his or her needs change drastically. This is a critical time to reinforce good swimming habits and teach your children how to swim more safely and efficiently. Trained by her father, Olympian and Olympic Swim Coach, Jack Nelson, Jackie can offer your children some of the most insightful and advanced swimming tips available in South Florida.


Child learn to swim

The classes for children are private lessons for 30 minutes in length. Designed to meet the child at his or her needs whether it is for stroke instruction or learning life saving skills. Jackie has the ability to connect with the child and get through to them the skills and understanding of how to swim faster and safer. With positive reinforcement and an ?I can? attitude, you child will be more confident and safer in the water.


Swim Lesson Skills - Jackie Doyle