Jackie is unique

Dear Mr. Jack, Nelson,

I am writing to compliment your daughter, Jackie Nelson. This past summer, she gave my 17-month old son, Nate, swimming lessons under the Aqua Tots program.

In the beginning, Nate was not very enthusiastic about being taught to swim. Jackie made him feel very comfortable and consistently reassured him with her gentle tone of voice and sensitive manner. However, her voice did not undermine her authority and, even at this early age, Nate seemed to understand that he was not there to play but to learn. To me, this is a unique quality in teaching and Jackie seems to have mastered this technique to the utmost. As a first-time parent, J was actually more nervous than Nate and really appreciated her tact and diplomacy in reassuring me, as well, as Nate, throughout the

Jackie is a very unusual person. By the time the sessions were over, Nate, my husband, Steve, and I knew we had found a talented, capable teacher, a worthwhile
individual and a new friend. Weren’t we: lucky to find a combination like this all rolled into one person.

Anne B. Bready