Jackie Nelson Doyle - Swim Teacher & Athlete

Jackie Nelson Doyle specializes in infant survival swimming and has been honored to teach thousands of infants swim lessons during her swimming career which started in 1979.
She is a trusted name in South Florida and her primary goal is to share her knowledge and prevent the tragedy of drowning, one child at a time. She values your child?s safety and looks forward to working with you in the pool!

Mommy & Me

Infant group classes with Mommy & Me
These classes are designed to teach infants how to hold their breath, kick their feet, float and swim to the wall if he or she falls in, jumps in or gets pushed in. Through repetition and singing songs and playing games, Jackie teaches them how to be safe in and around the water. You may choose private lessons, Mommy and Me or group classes.

Infant Survival

Infant survival swim lessons with Jackie Nelson Doyle
Infant, private swimming lessons are designed to teach the child how to save his or her life if they were to fall, crawl or jump into the pool. The five days are broken down in three parts. The first day is the ?get to know you? day where the child is walked through the skills without getting their face wet. Sometimes we get the face wet the first day and sometimes we don?t, depending the child?s body language. Day two and three are the more challenging and emotional two days of the week. Students are learning the routine to hold their breath, kick their feet, hold and swim to the wall and turn and get the wall. The final two days are getting down the routine, improving on skills and showing the parent how to follow through. ?Be the teacher? where Jackie teaches the parents how to reinforce the skills in the pool.